Sara Maitri - Cultivating Enlightenment
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What Others Are Saying

My life has totally changed! I’ve been able to embrace aspects of my life that I used to avoid, I’ve been able to let go of past hurts that were holding me back, and I have learned things about myself that have changed my life. None of this would have happened without starting energy work with Sara.
– Nanci E., Sacramento, CA

I went to see Sara to do a past life regression as a last resort prior to surgery for a medical condition that’s plagued me for most of my life. In one session, I discovered the true cause of my problem and was able to rectify it. As a result, I’ve never felt better in my life! The difference is amazing! I can’t thank Sara enough for what she has done for me. One trip to see her has surely spared me thousands of dollars in medical bills as well as the pain and frustration of surgery. I wish I had discovered her years ago! Thanks again Sara and I hope to see you again soon!
– Steve C., Lodi, CA

I had been working for over 20 years with a therapist and 12-Step meetings to address my Adult Child wounding issues. I started working with Sara last September and was able to have a breakthrough that has changed my life. The Reiki energy work healed areas of my life that talk therapy could not. Sara has an incredible gift to midwife healing.
– Sheila W., Sacramento, CA

My name is Garin and I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to see Sara for energy healing. As a healthcare professional I recognize talent, caring and intuitive vision when I see it, and most relevantly feel it. I have had many different energy healing sessions in the past, but have never felt so balanced and at peace than after Sara has worked with me. But, that’s just the beginning. Her insights and homework have given me tangible, relevant and effective tools that have brought about real change in my life. Sara has a gift, and you would be wise to see her over many other choices. I know that I am blessed and a better man for choosing Sara.
– Garin A., Sacramento, CA

WOW! Working with Sara has been a wonderful, enlightening life-changer for me. I was referred to Sara from a friend and I went to my first appointment almost reluctantly, and certainly skeptical. I did not disbelieve in energy work, but I can’t say that I believed in it, either. I only went because nothing else had worked to get me out of my deep, soul-sucking rut, and I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. After just the first visit, I was a better, healthier version of my true self. And each visit just gets better and better. Not only is Sara very insightful and compassionate just as a person, but her expertise as an energy-healer is outstanding. I know because I’ve been carrying around some very bad energy for years, decades, and I can actually feel it easing from her work. I could go on for a long time raving about Sara Maitri, but it might be quicker if you see for yourself.
– Chey L., Sacramento, CA

Sara Maitri is a very wonderful and powerful sound healer. She has highly evolved healing skills and an intuition that guides her sounds into the many corners of the soul, the emotions and the body of her clients.
– Henrik H., Sacramento, CA

I started working with Sara in December 2013. I now work with her on a bi-weekly basis so I am consistently tuned-up and ready to go. I have found this work as beneficial as any coaching or therapy. I work with Sara because I want to live my best life and our work together, helps me do that!
– Joe Z., Sacramento, CA

Working with Sara has been a life altering experience. Her wisdom goes beyond her years. Her warmth and caring wraps you in a safe cocoon of love. She takes you on a journey to find yourself, while unlocking your special gifts. I am so thankful I was guided to her doors. May you step into her wonderful world. Namaste
– Gail J., Sacramento, CA

I enthusiastically recommend Sara as an energy worker! She creates a safe, loving environment that leads to deep healing and powerful realizations.
– Diane T., Sacramento, CA

Maybe the second or third visit I started noticing shifts of energy flow. I used the simple tools that Sara suggested to ground myself and allow my energy to stay close. After a few more sessions the deeper energy work brought about profound experiences within. The work has created an open space that has brought much healing. Knowing that I am safe and allowing myself to let go has helped heal me.
– Shelley M., Sacramento, CA

Sara, I can’t begin to express my gratitude. The healing work you did freed me from a lifetime of pain and healed the scars of fear and distrust. Your intuition and vision saw my injuries before I had even named them, and your gentle coaxing and attentive energy released me from years of suppression. My life is so much bigger and better – new relationships and opportunities keep presenting, and I am free to say yes!. Thank you for sharing your gifts!
– Catherine N., Sacramento, CA

Within the following 48 hours of my energy session with Sara I had a life changing epiphany.
– William T., Sacramento, CA

Sara truly has a gift and my view of what is possible in my life has changed because of the work I have done with her. The techniques that she uses has helped me find clarity on so many levels and I will continue to use them and learn from her.
– Kim C., Sacramento, CA

Sara is a compassionate and caring energy healer. I’ve been dealing with a difficult health issue and have found pain relief from our sessions. Sara uses the healing power of Chakra toning bowls to complement her practice. My sessions with Sara have given me a sense of calmness and clarity. She provides a comfortable, safe environment in which healing can occur.
– Mary J., Sacramento, CA

I found Sara’s sound healing meditation and our one-on-one energy healing work to be unique, restorative and insightful. Her skills as an energy healer afforded me opportunities to experience the peace and calm associated with spiritual and mental healing. She provided discerning insight into what was going on in my life. All of which enhanced my therapy sessions, bringing further clarity to my personal work.
– Mary Anne D., Sacramento, CA