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Energy Work

Energy Healing

Everything in the universe is energy.

Memories, feelings, emotions and thoughts are stored as imprints on the cells in our body. If a trauma occurs these imprints can get stuck in our cells.

Energy healing, such as hands-on healing and sound healing, helps to restore the healthy balance of your energy field by clearing blockages and addressing imbalances, which in turn allows the healthy flow of energy to move through your physical and energetic body.

Many people find energy work to be a beneficial tool for:

  • release of unwanted patterns and energies
  • healing from abuse, trauma and neglect
  • grief
  • mental clarity
  • spiritual growth and connection
  • life purpose and direction
  • relaxation and stress management
  • depression and anxiety
  • chronic and acute pain
  • an enhanced sense of inner peace and well-being
  • improved immunity
  • recovery from surgery
  • chronic or acute illness
  • support during times of transition or challenge
  • minimizing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

The goal of energy healing is to restore balance to the body’s energetic system so that the body, mind and spirit can naturally heal.

Sound Healing

Sound is a type of energy medicine that creates a sacred space in which people can heal from stress, pain, depression, and more. It also creates the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive understanding.

The fundamental status of the universe is a state of absolute harmony. Because we are a part of the universe our natural state is also one of harmony. When we disconnect from our core essence through stress, distraction, illness and the challenges of daily life, dis-ease is created: spiritually, physically and mentally. The sound created from crystal bowls gently nudges our consciousness back to our natural state of blissful tranquility and health.


Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. By engaging in a meditation practice you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being. With regular work and patience these focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energized states of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.

Meditation can:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve concentration
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Increase acceptance
  • Slow aging
  • Benefit cardiovascular and immune health

Contact me so we can discuss how energy healing can completely change your life!