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It is by no mistake that you’re here.

Perhaps you’ve decided you don’t want to keep repeating the same old behaviors that aren’t working anymore. Perhaps you’re ready to let go of the story of your past and heal. Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of something so much bigger than you and just have to find out more.

I was in that same place and finally received the transformation my soul was looking for through energy healing. As a result, it has become my life’s mission to learn this work and share it with you.

Now is your time to finally live your fullest life. Please read on.

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Healing Methods


Energy Healing

Everything in the universe is energy. The goal of energy healing is to restore balance to the body's energetic system so that the body, mind and spirit can naturally heal.


Sound Healing

Sound is a type of energy medicine that creates a sacred space in which people can heal from stress, pain, depression, and more.



There is overwhelming scientific evidence that proves the benefits of meditation. It can reduce stress, improve concentration and help the body heal by coming back into balance.

Extended Meditation (purchase)


Advance Your Practice

Here’s your chance to continue your meditation practice to the healing sounds of singing crystal bowls. In this 30 minute extended meditation you go beyond the guided and are allowed the space to go deep within to heal. Sound is such a powerful healing modality because it can actually change the composition of your cells and raise your energetic vibration, which are critical to healing.


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“I have been practicing meditation for a little over five years and have tried numerous types of music and guided practice products. None have been as successful for my daily practice as Sound Healing Meditation, by Sara Maitri. Sara has not only mastered an amazing style for playing crystal bowls, but her personal guided introduction is amazing!
—Kim C., Sacramento


Check out my interview!

Introducing Sara Maitri: Sacramento Energy Healer - WellBEing Resource

WellBEing Jill: What inspired you become a healer?

Sara Maitri: Several years ago I was encouraged to see an energy healer. I had spent many years in therapy and had cognitively worked through many issues. Yet, I would still find my body reacting to situations that I thought I had already worked through. While receiving energy work, I learned that our cells hold the memories of every event that happens to us and until those memories are released, on the cellular level, we will continue to be affected by our past. As a result of my energy healing, I experienced a profound shift and knew I had to learn these techniques and share them with others.

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